Studio E inc.

Launched in 1999, Studio E hand manufactures specialty wall coverings for interiors. Comprised of a Venetian Plaster line and a Metallics line. 


Venetian Plaster in dimensional layers applied to a foil ground. Wax finish.
Full custom capabilities.
ASTM E-84 Class A



Hand gilded metallic leaf etched with a scaled isometric cube pattern, finished with a durable tinted varnish
Full custom capabilities
ASTM E-84 Class A



Non-current wallpapers are available as special order items.



Studio E can customize the color, scale, pattern and texture of our standard items or can design and develop fully bespoke finishes.

Studio E was founded on the ideals of respect for artisans, preserving and promoting fine decorative arts traditions, and the use of nature’s materials. So not surprisingly, we are in step with the rising public concern over our industry’s effect on the environment.

By manufacturing ‘sustainable’ products, those that are characterized as having ecological, social and economic benefits, we contribute to the protection of public health, welfare, and the environment. We proudly proclaim the following points based on universally recognized criteria for measuring the impact a company’s products and production methods have on our world.

•    Made by hand in the USA, without machinery, in an energy-efficient, naturally lit studio.
•    Certified compliant with all State Environmental Conservation regulations.
•    Free of toxic compounds, and production does not result in toxic by-products or emissions of any kind.
•    Paste and vinyl free: Pre-pasted papers and vinyl emit high levels of VOC- volatile organic compounds.
•    Made on primarily post-consumer recycled poly/cellulose fiber (a renewable resource) or biodegradable paper.
•    Made with water-borne paints, plasters and varnishes which are low in VOC versus oil/solventborne types.
•    Breathable, inhibiting the growth of mold, a microbial VOC (MVOC) associated with hazardous indoor air.
•    Studio E wallpaper successfully installs with eco-friendly pastes. It de-installs with water.
•    Durable, with low maintenance requirements. Cleans with water and mild soap.
•    Production is ‘to order’ and supplies are purchased accordingly.
•    Our in-house light-to-dark paint recycling/remixing program uses every drop and results in almost no waste.
•    Studio E obtains most materials locally.
•    Use of Studio E wallpaper in your projects has the potential to improve your LEED® score if your project is within 500 miles of our production facility or  if eco-friendly pastes are used.